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For this reason, the exchange acts as custodian and is responsible for securing your crypto. In contrast, when using a hardware wallet, only you have access to the private keys. In this case, there’s no central server holding your private keys, meaning your wallet is non-custodial. When you’re ready to get started, consider opening an account with one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to learn how to set up a crypto wallet and begin using digital assets. In general, though, a hardware wallet is the hardest type to hack. It is safer for cold storage because it’s not connected to the internet or on your computer permanently.

Purchase cryptocurrency or transfer coins from another wallet or exchange. Set up your security features, including a recovery phrase. Technically, you could just leave your cryptocurrency on any exchange and stop using a wallet.

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Creating a crypto wallet is as easy as installing software on your mobile device or laptop/desktop. When choosing a custodial wallet, think about the features that make the most sense for your situation. Consider the coins you want to buy — and whether they’re available on the exchange in question. Also, find out if they offer security measures such as two-factor authentication and if they keep fiat funds in an FDIC-insured account. Hardware wallets have a reputation for being more complicated to set up and use.

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  • It also helps to have a partner who can keep you well-informed so you can make the best crypto decisions possible.
  • The important thing is you should keep track of the seed phrase after generating one.
  • Bitcoin is great for micropayments if used with Lightning Network.
  • You can also purchase coins directly on the exchange by linking your bank account.
  • In this article, we’ll explain what these core terms are and how they work in Web3.

In the case of crypto wallets, custody is about who’s on the hook for securing your private keys. In a custodial wallet, you entrust your keys to a third party. CEXes often have an onramp built in, while non-custodial wallets usually do not. However, some non-custodial wallets can be linked to onramp services, such as Mercuryo, Moonpay, Transak, or Wyre. These services may require investors to go through a KYC process before purchasing crypto. Alternatively, an investor may need to purchase crypto from a CEX and then transfer it to their non-custodial wallet.

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For example, if someone is using the MetaMask wallet on one computer, they can’t install it on a different computer and log in with the same password. They’d need to enter the seed phrase to access the wallet. They can then create a new password for the MetaMask installation on that specific device. Investors can choose between many types of crypto wallets. Comparing the different types, how they work, and what they can do could help investors make a good choice.

How to set up a crypto wallet

If you are using Atomic wallet and while using it, you come across any kind of technical glitches, then you can instantly seek assistance from their dedicated support team. This platform is highly renowned for the assistance they offer to its users. For example, if you find theAtomic wallet exchangenot working, then you can escalate your issue to the support team for immediate assistance. Otherwise, to resolve some minor issues, you can always try resolving issues with the wallet software or the device on which you are using it.

Now comes the part where you need to get your queries cleared about the Atomic wallet login procedure. A crypto wallet has become a gateway to exploring blockchain-based assets and spaces — a must-have accessory in Web3. Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and founder of NFT platform Arianee, compares it to a physical handbag, albeit with an upgrade.

Pay attention to user reviews and the number of downloads the application has. After the short installation process, you’ll start the application for the first time and set it up. When you install the app, your crypto wallet is automatically created. You can then receive cryptocurrencies and digital assets to your wallet immediately, store them safely, and use them as you please. It’s important to note that every cryptocurrency in your wallet has a unique address, regardless of the wallet type.

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Custodial wallets also have built-in password recovery in case you lose your login credentials, making them a good option for beginners or users looking for a more hands-off approach. A third party is essentially keeping your cryptocurrency in this scenario. People must therefore be more sure about who they select or trust.

How to set up a crypto wallet

And, of course, do your research to make sure it’s a trusted, secure, and reputable app. This leads us to a quick discussion of custodial versus non-custodial crypto wallets. Many CEXes let users secure their account with multi-factor authentication , which requires the username, password, and an additional one-time password to log into the account. The additional one-time password can take the form of an SMS, which can be convenient, or an authenticator app or hardware token, which would be an even safer option. Stablecoins are created by using a cryptocurrency exchange to create a digital asset that has a stable value.

How to set up a crypto wallet

Extreme people who memorize their whole 24-word recovery seed exist as well. This 25–30 character string can be copied and used to authorize cryptocurrency transfers or payments from other accounts. This method can also distribute your cryptocurrencies around several wallets so that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You have total control over your cryptocurrency with a self-custody wallet like the Coinbase Wallets. You may have heard stories of people “dropping their keys” or “missing their USB wallet,” but none of that is a concern if you use a hosted wallet.

It is called ‘hosted’ because a third party keeps your cryptocurrency for you, just like a bank keeps your cash in a savings account. Note that security should be your top priority before you set up a crypto wallet as this software will be in control of your private keys. When you first download theAtomic walleton your device, the extension, or the mobile-friendly application, you are not charged any kind of usage fee. But, as you start using the trading features on it, you will be levied some charge for this. For example, if you carry out any operation through this Cryptocurrency wallet, you will be charged a 2% fee or $10 per transaction .

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They may also have insurance that can help protect users’ funds if the exchange is hacked. This will create a balance between ease of use & security when trading and using cryptocurrency. As compared to mobile wallets, desktop wallets typically include a more extensive portfolio. Using these, you can track graphs and charts to know the value of your assets in various ways.

Software wallets are more likely to be hacked—not by some nefarious online group targeting your precious NFTs—but by user error. If the NFT market is what you’re interested in, choose a wallet that can connect to NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, and Solanart. Some of these marketplaces operate on a particular blockchain, and that might determine your choice of wallet.

How To Set Up a Crypto Wallet

After funding, start buying the cryptocurrency of your choice using your cryptocurrency wallet. A good crypto partner will also offer a wide range of cryptos that you can buy and store in your wallet and make it easy to understand its fees and services. It also helps to have a partner who can keep you well-informed so you can make the best crypto decisions possible. Download the crypto wallet app from your device’s app store. You can choose one as you’d choose any app for your phone.


Alternatively, if you’d prefer to retain your private keys, desktop, mobile, and browser-based wallets all offer non-custodial options. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s crucial to keep your private keys safe or risk losing your crypto entirely. For example, even if you plug a hardware wallet into a computer full of malware, the hardware wallet should be safe because external applications can’t communicate with it. Beyond this, hardware wallets communicate with secure, proprietary desktop applications, making them easy to manage. However, as external devices, hardware wallets can be damaged, lost, or stolen more easily.

How do I set up a crypto wallet?

However, the main difference between a typical bank account and a crypto wallet is that not all crypto wallets are custodial. For custodial wallets, look for exchanges that support MFA, ideally with an authorization app or device. For hardware wallets, review the hardware’s security features and how it keeps the private keys secure when the device is connected to a computer. Many centralized cryptocurrency exchanges will create crypto wallets on behalf of their users. These are called hosted or custodial wallets because the exchange manages the wallet and is responsible for keeping it secure.

So if you have invested a considerable amount, you need to be more careful. For example, if you plan to trade frequently and want an easy way to buy coins with fiat currency, having a custodial wallet connected to an exchange makes sense. A non-custodial wallet is one that you’re entirely in charge of. If you lose your private keys, you don’t have someone else to help you access the wallet , so it’s important to keep track of your information.

Of course, that depends on the device you choose, but the basic steps aren’t much more complicated than what we’ve discussed for software wallets. Technically, you can buy and hold crypto without choosing a crypto wallet. But, in essence, what you’re doing is letting the payment service or platform you use hold your private keys.

To help you decide which software wallet might be the best for you, we’ve outlined each subcategory below. To get your cryptocurrency journey started today, visit Binance.US. Follow the instructions to install the software on your computer.

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